Ancient History page 1

353_45841998736_5137_nSteve was brought up in Hull in North-East England, and started his musical journey by starting to learn piano aged five. He practised for more than a decade, only losing interest when his piano tutor died. Violin would have added another string to his bow “but I never got very far with that” he jokes. At sixteen he transferred his interests to guitar, and initially, bass guitar.

“Because I was just a kid,and skint with it, I didn’t have the money to buy a bass amp, so I decided to make my own” Steve recalls.Managing this left him with an interest in electronics that would last a lifetime.

Steve played in “dodgy metal bands” in the late seventies while studying for A levels, and all that rock must have become addictive, because by 1980 he was heading south to London to study Geology at the City of London Polytechnic (now Guildhall University). He managed a Bsc(Hons) , with physics and computing ancillary subjects.

He found that out of 5,000 students only two would admit to having any knowledge of how a mixing desk worked, so was very much in demand for live music, and by the time his three years of study was over Steve was also an experienced hand in managing sound at gigs – so much so that he was offered a job in a recording studio, Village Way Sounds, in Rayner’s Lane, Harrow.

As a full-time assistant engineer, the full glamour of showbiz eluded Steve. “it was more a case of sleeping on the floor” he ruefully recalls.

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