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By the mid-1980s Steve had the chance to work with a wide variety of people and projects He and fellow engineer Roy Rowland worked with Producer Steve James, whose rather more famous dad was comedy star Sid James of “Carry On” fame.

“I recorded a whole bunch of stuff with metal bands such as Blind Fury, Satan and Rogue Male – then found himself at a studio in Harrow recording Norman Wisdom performing “Don’t Laugh at me Cause I’m a Fool”.

“Rick Wakeman was on keyboards and the session was funded by “Diddy” David Hamilton” Steve recalls.

During this period, Steve and Doc Stewart recorded several rockabilly albums for Nervous Records, which have now become classics of the genre, and are incredibly sought after, particularly in Japan.

With Roy Rowland producing, Steve engineered the Sabbat album History of a Time to Come- another album regarded as a classic genre-defining work, before leaving England to work for Noise Records in Berlin for a year.