Consoles:       40-channel DDA D-Series Console           

Recorders and Interfaces:       Mac Pro Quad 3GHz, 24GB Ram       Digidesign Protools HD3       3x Digidesign 192 AD/DA, expanded (32 analog i/o )        Digidesign Midi i/o       2x Eizo 24” monitors    Unitor 8×8 Midi interface       Motu MTP-AVx2       Tascam DAT       Denon Cassette      

Monitors:       Tannoy Little Red   Genelec 1029a,  8040  Yamaha NS10, Quad amplification         Hearback headphones system     Dangerous Monitor ST

Outboard:        Focusrite isa430, focusrite isa1 pre,  Symetrix SX202 Mic-pres      Golden Age Pre73, Universal Audio 1176,  Bss 402,     Dbx 160vu x2       Focusrite compounder       Dbx 1066 compressor       Drawmer DS201 Gate    Klark Teknik DN22 Dual graphic EQ       Symetrix SE400 Dual Parametric EQ  Orban 622b Dual Parametric EQ   TC System 6000, TC M3000    Lexicon PCM91       Yamaha Pro/R3  Yamaha spx990,  Line6 Echo Pro, Line6 Mod Pro, BEL BF20 flanger         

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