Great news about Liscombe Park Studio

steve in studio

(Update, August 13 2015) A message to all those who have used the studio at Liscombe Park over the years. Reports of its demise have been greatly overstated and the studio has re-opened for business, operated by Lifesigns & If anyone wishes to make bookings for rehearsal of recording time then please let us know. The best news is that our resident house engineer is unchanged (our very own Mr Steve Rispin ) . Hope you will join us on our ‘new’ adventure.

Liscombe Studios began recording clients in the early 1990’s. It was built and designed to incorporate the latest accredited and bespoke soundroom technology. and uses high end classic recording equipment, alongside a combination of the latest professional digital and analog technology including the Protools HD3 ACCEL system.

Situated in the heart of the Buckinghamshire countryside, this studio is an ideal location for recording and rehearsing in a relaxed and professional environment without distraction. Studio accommodation is available as well as a private flat located on-site.

Studio equipment and specs can be seen here.


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